Android: Notification Icons

If you operate an Android app, you can change the notification icon. To change the notification icon for your Android app, you don't need to add any extra code. Just make sure to set the resource name of the icon according to the naming conventions, and the FlareLane SDK will recognize the notification icon automatically.

This guide will demonstrate how to create the icon using Android Studio.

1. Open the Project with Android Studio

If it's a regular Android project, it should be recognized as such, as shown below.

2. Open Image Asset creation window

Right click root project, click New -> Image Asset

3. Create Notification Icon

To comply with the Android policy, the notification icon should have a transparent background.

a. Choose "Notification Icons" for Icon Type

b. Input "ic_stat_flarelane_default" for Name (Important!)

c. Select "Image" for Asset Type and attach the image you wish to use as an icon

4. Confirm Changed Icon

To confirm that the icon has been successfully changed, rebuild the app and send a push notification to see the updated icon.

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