Getting Started

Why choose FlareLane and How to get Started
Welcome to FlareLane, a user-friendly push notification SaaS platform that offers hyper-personalized and automated solutions to boost customer engagement.
Our platform leverages the power of push notifications to re-engage with customers in a timely manner, presenting calls to action that help drive conversions and achieve your business goals.
Push notifications can be used to:
  • Onboard New Customers
  • Encourage Sign-ups
  • Encourage Revisits
  • Encourage Purchases
  • Introduce New Features
  • Introduce Time-Sensitive Offers

Why choose Flarelane

For Marketers
For Developers
  • Challenges converting visitors into customers & paying users
    • Encourage revisits and purchases using One Click Automations
  • Challenges in creating engaging personalized push notifications
    • Send hyper-personalized messages using a range of Personalization Options
  • Challenges building an automation from scratch
    • Minimize your workload using Pre-built Automations
  • Challenges in tracking the effectiveness of push notifications
    • Optimize your push notification strategy using Analytics & Insights
  • Challenges sending push messages in hybrid app & web app
    • Send push messages Across all Platforms, from React Native to Flutter
  • Challenges in managing numerous push tokens & sent history
    • Experience an All-in-One Push Notifications Management Tool
  • Challenges in handling rapid increase in the number of users
    • Manage users no matter the size with an Unlimited Push Infrastructure
  • Challenges in following up with bug fixes and user requests
    • Minimize your workload using the Latest SDK Version


Make your onboarding process simple by using our guide to easily get started with us.