Device Management

A device is a customer's mobile device (for mobile push) or mobile/web browser (for web push) that has subscribed to push notifications.

All Devices provides a comprehensive list of subscribed devices, along with detailed information about each device.

This information includes basic details such as platform type, push opt-in date, and last updated date. Additionally, by integrating User ID and Tags, you can enhance the dataset and further segment your customers. This will allow you to personalize your messages and target specific user groups more effectively.

Data Collected by FlareLane SDK

After a user subscribes to push notifications, FlareLane's SDK automatically captures certain data. Using this data, you can segment the devices.


Device ID

Unique identifier assigned to a device that allows it to be distinguished from other devices

Last Accessed

The time the device last accessed the app or website

Opt-in Status

Indicates that the device is actively subscribed to receive push notifications and is capable of receiving messages


The device model name and the OS version

Push Opt-in

The time the device initially subscribed to push notifications and is successfully added to the project

SDK Version

Current SDK version

Detecting Unsubscribes

If a device deletes the app, FlareLane recognizes that the device has unsubscribed.

You can verify a device's subscription status at the 'Opt-in' column. If there is a checkmark, it means the device is subscribed, and if there isn't a checkmark, it means the device has unsubscribed.

Adding Test Devices

Add specific devices as test devices and send test messages.

  1. Select a device and click [···] on the right

  2. Click 'Add to Test Device' and name the test device

  3. Go to Test Devices and the selected device will now be listed as a test device

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