Events are actions a user performs in the app or website, such as sign-up or purchase.

Events are specific user actions which either trigger or cancel a push notification. Events can encompass a wide range of actions, such as:

  • User Sign-ups

  • Product Purchases

  • Account Upgrade

  • Completion of specific milestone

Each event becomes a trigger point for crafting targeted messages or Journeys and delivering them to the right users at the right time. Additionally, events can also be used to cancel push notifications. For instance, if a user completes a desired action before a scheduled notification is due, the associated event can cancel the notification, preventing redundant or unnecessary messaging.

By leveraging events, businesses can deliver timely information, and provide a tailored experience that drives user satisfaction and retention.

Some common use cases include:

  • Sending a reminder push notification 3 days after a user adds a product to the cart and canceling push notifications in case a user completes a purchase

  • Sending a push notification to write a review 1 day after a user makes a purchase

To add and use events, you need to go through a simple Integration process. You will need the developer's assistance for this.

How to Integrate

  • Web SDK / Mobile SDK: FlareLane.trackEvent("test_event")

  • REST API: POST /v1/projects/PROJECT_ID/events

Events Collected by FlareLane SDK

FlareLane's SDK automatically captures certain events.



The initial time a user subscribes to push notifications


The initial time a user clicks on push notifications

notification_id: The ID of the push notification that the user has clicked

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