Tags are a form of metadata that you can add to your customers, such as name, gender or VIP status.

Tags are essential for creating targeted segments and personalizing messages. To add metadata to each device, you need to go through a simple Integration process. You will need the developer's assistance for this.

There are two types of tags:

  • Customer attributes, which are data that do not change, such as name and gender

  • Customer conditions, which are data that changes based on a customer's action, such as the number of purchases and the last time of purchase

Tags are stored for the lifetime of the customer until removed or deleted.

How to Integrate

Type of Tags allows Number and String. Numbers must follow Unix Timestamp millisecond format (ex. 1681721331085)

For example, a male customer named Michael who made 2 purchase orders can be set as below.

  "name": "Michael",
  "gender": "male",
  "age": 24,
  "order_count": 2,
  "firstPurchasedAt": 1681721331085
  • Web SDK / Mobile SDK: FlareLane.setTags({ key: value }})

  • REST API: PATCH /v1/projects/PROJECT_ID/users/tags

Tag List

You can view the tags added to each device at All Devices.

After data integration, customer metadata will be displayed in the 'Tags' column.

Creating Segments using Tags

You can use tags to create more targeted Segments.

For example, using the orderCount tag, which refers to the number of products purchased, you can create Buyers and Non-buyers segments.

  • TAG orderCount=0: Non-buyers

  • TAG orderCount≥1: Buyers

Message Personalization using Tags

You can insert tags as variables to personalize the message. See Message Personalization for more details.

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