User ID

User ID is a unique identifier you have assigned to your app or website users.

To match the User ID with each device, a simple Integration process is required. You will need developer's assistance for this. Once the integration is complete, FlareLane can automatically match the User ID with the device when the customer logs into your app or website.

A customer may use multiple devices to log in, so one User ID could be matched with several devices.

How to Integrate

Assign User ID when the user logs into the app or website.

User ID List

All Devices offers a comprehensive list of the devices each matched with the User ID.

After data integration, once the user logs into your app or website, the unique identifier will be displayed in the 'User ID' column.

Creating Segments using User ID

Using the User ID, you can Segment the customers into two groups: registered users and unregistered users.

  • User ID | exists: Registered users

  • User ID | does not exist: Unregistered users

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