A template is a pre-designed message format that can be used to send notifications to your customers.

Create templates at Templates to save commonly used messages for easy access in the future. By using variables, you can also personalize these templates to include specific details for each recipient (See Message Personalization).

Creating a Template

  1. Name a template

  2. Type in the title, message, URL and upload an image if necessary

  3. Personalize the message using variables if necessary

  4. Select a category or create a new category

  5. Save your template

Managing Templates

You can view template details by clicking [···] > Details or edit the template by clicking Edit. If you want to remove a segment, click [···] > Delete.

Sending Messages from FlareLane API

In case you want to send push notifications from your server using FlareLane API, templates can help you to minimize your work.

To make changes to the message that is sent from your server, developers' assistance is necessary.

However, templates can help you to revise the message without the need for developers' assistance. You can easily make changes to the message through the templates, and the updated message will be sent from your server.

Just insert Template ID into your code. Go to Templates and click a template to check Template ID.

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