FlareLane offers both Mobile Push and Web Push.

After signing up to FlareLane and creating a project, go to Channels and select the appropriate channel.

For mobile apps, select Mobile Push. For websites, select Web Push. If you have both the app and the website, select both channels.

Setup FlareLane SDK and Custom Data to your app or website to start sending general, scheduled and automated messages.

How Push Notifications Work

1. App or Website Subscription

To receive push messages, customers first need to subscribe to push notifications. Upon subscription, the customer's device generates a unique anonymous identifier known as a push token, which is sent to FlareLane. This push token allows FlareLane to identify the recipient's device and send notifications accordingly.

2. Delivery of Push Notification

After a push notification is sent, FlareLane uses the push token to identify the device that matches each token and then delivers the notification to the corresponding device.

3. Receipt of Push Notification

Once the delivered push notification reaches the device that initially subscribed to your app or website, it is displayed on the device for the recipient to see.


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