Web Push

Web Push Setup: Direct Push vs Indirect Push

While there are technical prerequisites to implement web push, the majority of website operators lack the required development expertise.
But there's no need to worry, as FlareLain web push offers a method for anyone with insufficient development skills to integrate web push.
Through a pre-designed page called, FlareLane enables the use of web push in an indirect manner, a method we refer to as 'indirect push'. This approach helps to overcome the technical requirements of web push implementation.
Familiarize yourself with the two web push methods, direct push and indirect push, and choose the appropriate one to get started with web push.
If you meet all the conditions below, select Direct Push, if not, select Indirect Push.
  • Can you implement ServiceWorker and have access to your website (
  • Does your website support HTTPS for all pages?
Direct Push
Indirect Push
Push Delivery Domain
Own domain (
Subdomain provided by FlareLane (
Requirements for Integration
Insert ServiceWorker hosting script
Insert script
Suitable cases
Self-built and hosted website, has an in-house development team
No in-house development team