Pre-built Journeys

FlareLane offers most commonly used journeys across industries in a pre-built form, enabling businesses to quickly launch necessary campaigns with a single click.

Use Pre-built Journeys to minimize your work and maximize user engagement.

See Understanding Journeys to have an overall view on how the Journey works.

Pre-built Journeys vs. Building from Scratch

Pre-built JourneysBuilidng from Scratch




Required Time & Effort



Required Technical Skill



Pre-built Journeys

Pre-built journeys are a set of pre-configured, ready-to-use push notification templates that are designed to help you quickly and easily set up common messaging scenarios.

Use below pre-built journeys at Journeys to easily get started with commonly used push campaigns. You will need to integrate User ID, Events and Tags before using certain journeys. See Integration for more details.

Pre-built JourneysRequired Data Integration

Onboard New Customers

Not Required

Encourage Revisits

Not Required

Encourage Sign-ups

User ID

Encourage First Purchase

Event: purchase

Encourage Repeat Purchase

Event: purchase

Cart Recovery

Event: add_to_cart, purchase

Encourage to Write Reviews

Event: purchase, write_review

Creating a Pre-built Journey

  1. Choose a pre-built journey and click 'Use This Journey'.

  2. Click the push trigger (the first box) to make any changes on the details if necessary.

    • Make sure that you have integrated Events and Tags before using the Entry and Exit rules

  3. Click the message to make any changes on the message if necessary.

  4. Click 'Save' and 'Activate' to initiate a journey. Once you activate the journey, you cannot modify the rules and messages. Messages will be sent automatically to a device at the designated time when the device performs the specified action or meets the specified condition. Messages will no longer be sent to the device once the device achieves the designated goal or no longer meets the specified condition.

Journey Analysis

After activating the journey, you can view the number of devices that are ready to receive push notifications, the number of devices that have received push notifications, and the click rate by journeys in real-time as they update.

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