Setting up FlareLane is very easy.

This process is typically handled by developers, but understanding the process can provide a comprehensive overview of how FlareLane works with your app or website.

You can forward Developer's Guide to developers to speed up the process.

1. Install FlareLane SDK

SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of software tools and programs used by developers to create applications for specific platforms. FlareLane SDK is how we send and get information to and from your app or website.

After developers install FlareLane SDK to your app or website, devices that have subscribed to your app or website will be automatically listed under All Devices.

After installing FlareLane SDK, you can now:

2. Integrate Custom Data

Integrating custom data can help you to further personalize and automate push messages.

Custom data includes User ID, Events and Tags.

  • User ID: Unique identifier you have assigned to your app or website users. This helps to segment the customers into registered users and non-registered users

  • Events: Actions a user performs in the app or website, such as sign-up and purchase.

  • Tags: A form of metadata that you can add to your customers, such as name, gender or VIP status.

Define campaigns, goals and custom data in advance and share this information with your developers. They will then take that information and integrate your custom data.

After integrating custom data, you can also:

  • Create more targeted Customer Segments

  • Create Journeys from scratch

  • Initiate below Pre-built Journeys

    • Trigger Subscribers to Make First Purchase

    • Trigger Purchasers to Make a Repeat Purchase

    • Triggers Users with a Product Added to Cart to Complete a Purchase

    • Encourage Purchasers to to Write a Review

3. After Integration

After installing FlareLane SDK and integrating custom data, send test messages at New Message to make sure that everything is working.

Now you can unlock the full potential of our platform and elevate your users' experience!

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